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The fidgetbum is by far the best sleeping aid you could get! It is pretty much like a weighted blanket only thinner and hell of a lot cheaper! I am on Melatonin but with the fidget bum I have noticed the doses decrease. I still have sometimes where I need to take 4-6mg but sometimes it depends on my mood as well! The fidget bum has definitely helped me sleep longer and helps me stay asleep giving me the safe and secure feeling in bed at night! It also comes very neatly packed! The only thing I would say is possibly putting some instructions on with the fidget bum as I had to google out how to put it on at first! But apart from that I rate fidget bum a massive 10/10 I would recommend it to anyone with sleeping issues ASD SPD ADHD!! Thank you so much to fidget bum for letting me review this amazing product! You should be proud of yourself for achieving this much!


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