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The gift of sleep.

Fidgetbum is the patented sleep aid for sensory children recommended by Occupational Therapists.


Fidgetbum’s gentle pressure soothes, relaxes and reassures the child throughout the night.

Keeping the duvet on

The security and comfort 

that Fidgetbum brings can

reduce or eliminate the need

for medication at bedtime.

With its luxury, super stretchy material, they can fidget as much as they like - the covers will stay on, keeping them cosy for a restful nights sleep.

How it works video


The fidgetbum is made from comfy, cosy, stretchy cotton fabric. It runs under the mattress and then over the top of the covers, where the ends are joined together by a chunky, child friendly zip.


It keeps the covers on the child, and the child snuggly in the bed. 

When not in use, the ends of the fidgetbum can be hidden discretely under the covers, allowing your child to enjoy their favourite bedding.


It is designed to stretch snuggly around all standard bed sizes - we do bespoke too!



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