The fidgetbum is made from comfy, cosy, stretchy cotton fabric. It runs under the mattress and then over the top of the covers, where the ends are joined together by a chunky, child friendly zip.


It keeps the covers on the child, and the child snuggly in the bed. 

When not in use, the ends of the fidgetbum can be hidden discretely under the covers, allowing your child to enjoy their favourite bedding.


It is designed to stretch snuggly around either a single or toddler bed mattress

Industry Standard sized mattresses.




Harrison can take upto 3/4 hours to fall asleep and often requires medication to aid this.


Harrison was asked to trial the product for his sensory processing difficulties and anxiety.

Harrison had no medication and was asleep in 15 minutes !!


He woke once for the toilet and when back under the fidgetbum he was asleep in seconds !


HE SLEPT TILL 7:30AM (This is a sleep deprived mum used too 11pm-5am if I'm lucky). @_fidgetbum Amazing simply Amazing

Life with the Austins

This here is like a pillow case for your mattress and covers, it is from fidget bum they kindly sent us it to try out with Blake.

Now you guys who follow us day to day will know that blake is the most energetic little toddler, but this doesn’t stop at night he constantly moves around in his sleep which ‘use’ to be a problem but not anymore, I honestly cannot recommend this product enough, it has saved us so many trips into Blake’s room during the night.

Mumforce Review

Cora has never slept well and at around 3 years we decided to “cry it out” and this helped ever so slightly; she now goes to bed without any problems but rarely sleeps through the night.

We tried warmer pjs, new bedding, and a new bed even but nope, she still wakes up and wonders through to us most nights. This is now the


Cora had been sleeping in her own bed now for a week with the fidgetbum and it was doing the job, keeping her tucked up, and nicely in bed.


Cora can work the zip easily as well which means she can free herself, when and if she needs to get out of bed and go to the toilet.

We have some wonderful reviews from various bloggers, loads from our super-mummies and some great video reviews

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