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How it Works

The fidgetbum



The fidgetbum is made from comfy, cosy, stretchy cotton fabric. It has a chunky zip at either end. It is designed to stretch snuggly around either a single or toddler bed mattress (Industry Standard sizes - see below).


When the fidgetbum is stretched around the mattress and bedcovers, it is joined together by the chunky zip -  making easy to zip up at bedtime.


When not in use, the ends of the fidgetbum can be hidden discretely under the covers.

How it Works


Using the fidgetbum couldn't be easier !!


First, place the fidgetbum under the mattress, so the long length of the fidgetbum crosses the width of the mattress.

Place it towards the top of the covers, where your little one climbs into bed - See the video above. 


Aim to place the fidgetbum centrally, so the overhang on each side is the same -  this will make sure that the zip runs down the centre of the bed when closed. Having the zip here makes it easy to close, whether the bed is against a wall of free standing in the room. During the day, simply place the ends of the fidgetbum underneath the covers. This way - the children can still enjoy their favourite characters and designs on their covers.


When the little one ready for bed, simply pull out the ends of the fidgetbum. Pop the little one under the covers and lift the ends of the fidgetbum over the top of the covers, and zip.


Your little one can still move freely in bed, due to the stretchy nature of the fidgetbum, and you can relax in the knowledge that they'll be snug and safe under the covers!



The single bed fidgetbum is designed to fit a bed 100cm wide and 15cm deep.

The toddler bed fidgebum is designed to fit a bed 70cm wide and 10cm deep.


If your mattress is slightly different - don't worry, the stretchy nature of the fidgetbum allows for slight variances around these figures.

Caring for the figetbum


The fidgetbum is 100% cotton, and can be easily machine washed and tumble dried.

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