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No more Medication !!!

Harrison was kindly sent a @_fidgetbum to review. The fidgetbum is firstly designed to help prevent kids from accidentally kicking off the covers and rolling out of bed.Harrison can take upto 3/4 hours to fall asleep and often requires medication to aid this.

Harrison was asked to trial the product for his sensory processing difficulties and anxiety.

He seeks pressure on his body day and night ! Harry is constantly moving in his bed (and falling out) in order to suppress this feeling (I was told to put his mattress inside an old quilt to lay under for a light squeeze ... yep no squeeze).

The fidgetbum once on provides a gentle pressure to the child. Could this provide the light squeeze to

Harry's body that he seeks during the night?

Harrison had no medication and was asleep in 15 minutes !!

He woke once for the toilet and when back under the fidgetbum he was asleep in seconds ! HE SLEPT TILL 7:30AM (This is a sleep deprived mum used too 11pm-5am if I'm lucky). @_fidgetbum Amazing simply Amazing. 😘😘😘

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