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I am blown away by how well this product has helped ease bedtime woes

Does your little one fidget in bed?

Do they kick of the covers?

Do they roll out of bed?

These are three questions proposed by fidgetbum. As they were searching for some people to test their product I contacted Mel directly at Fidgetbum and I explained to her that my 5yo has some sensory issues, one specifically concerning bedtime. He has always complained if the bedsheets are "scrumbly", the bed covers needs to be perfectly straight otherwise he can become quite distressed before he even gets into bed.

He refuses to sleep alone, he feels scared and alone like many children but due to him being close to me at night since the day he was born I assume his bedtime woes and anxiety about sleeping solo are magnified. I have made an effort over the years to help him transition but I try to parent in a way that reduces trauma.

Forcing him to sleep in his own bed before he was ready just wasn't on the agenda. I was incredibly apprehensive putting myself forward to test this product with my son as he is incredibly unpredictable and usually rejects any proposal for change. However I was pleased when I received a message from Mel offering us the 'gift of sleep this Christmas".

First Impressions

We received the parcel promptly and the little one was very intrigued after I sold him the idea of using it as a hug that would make him feel safe at bedtime, so he could sleep in his own bed. He became quite insistent on using the product as soon as possible. First impressions all round were good, I found the packaging to be aesthetically pleasing, well designed and informative. The product felt luxurious and soft to the touch, with a mix of 95% cotton and 5% spandex which is machine washable and tumble dryer safe.

Test Drive

Initially I assumed that the fidgetbum was like a sleeping bag that would fit over then end of the bed when actually it is actually a cotton band that runs under the mattress with a zip connecting the four way stretch cotton fabric piece together over your child's bed covers. I was rather pleased when I realised this as I had the mammoth job of fitting this onto a high bunk bed and I was even more pleased to learn that getting this on wasn't as bad as I had initially deliberated.

Fast forward me wrestling a a high bunk, an open window and one discarded jumper we were ready for test run number one. Enter the little one story time and settling down. Consider that bed times tend to be a cat and mouse game of suggestion over whether to sleep on his own or with yours truly. He decided that he wanted to read his story in his bed after I gave him the unbiased option, settled promptly and didn't get upset about being in his own space.

"Noooooo", this was his reaction to the question "are you going to sleep in your own bed all night?".

"Noooooo", this was his reaction to the question "are you going to sleep in your own bed all night?".

Discovering that the four way stretch allows free movement and ease of climbing out, he has had fun zipping himself into and out of bed every morning and evening. I knew this because on the second night I found him in my bed, I swiftly escorted him back to him safe slumber bunk where he slept peacefully for the rest of the night. For the next consecutive nights he settled well and slept through the night, as I write this we have had yet another successful bedtime where he has fallen to sleep quicker and more peacefully alone than he probably ever has. When I say alone I mean I did not have to sit with him for hours until he calmed enough to sleep, usually he spends a lot of time unable to settle down in the evening even if he is tired.

Sensory Processing

Some children are in need of something known as proprioceptive input. Depending on the current state of the nervous system proprioceptive input can be used to regulate, calm or sooth the body. In terms of sensory processing this can allow understanding of ones surrounding except many children with sensory processing disorders can get this confused due to the use of this sense during higher energy activity also.

Light compression, hugs or massages are often used to stimulate an awareness of a safer, more calming environment by sending sensory information through the muscles and joints.

The light compression of the Fidgetbum as an alternative to weighted blankets works by imitating the pressure of a big hug by stimulating calming proprioceptive input. This is why the Fidgetbum can be especially effective for children with sensory processing disorders.

However the sense of self awareness and emotional security that can be encouraged by the Fidgetbum is something that could benefit any child, especially those that fall out of bed regularly or kick the cover off all night long. My eldest son used to drive me crazy with his little habit of pulling the bed cover only, this would cause the quilt inside to bundle at the bottom of the quilt cover. This meant I had to redo the quilt cover everyday, in this instance the Fidgetbum would have worked perfectly also.


The only issue we had with this product was with complaints of getting too hot, which to be honest wasn't really an issue and was easily resolved by removing his quilt and leaving him with a quilt cover only under the fidgetbum. With this said I am blown away by how well this product has helped ease bedtime woes. If anyone knows my child personally they will know what a massive deal this is. Their tag line, " keeping your little ones safe and snug in bed". Hear me loud and clear when I tell you, they did not disappoint on this promise. This is not a product I would have ever bought but I wish I did sooner! and I would like to add my 5 star rating to their list of fabulous reviews.

See what he had to say.....

I decided to film his reaction after a few days of using the Fidgetbum and he wanted to say thank you.

Disclaimer - I do not receive commission for promoting this product, all opinions are my own, I was #gifted the Fidgetbum to review and share our experiences with you.

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