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Firstly thank you .. fidgetbum has literally changed our lives!

Firstly thankyou .. fidgetbum has literally changed our lives!

My son Ollie is 5 years old and has autism spectrum disorder and sensory processing disorder.

Ollie has never been a good sleeper its hard to remember a time when he was! Things had gotten so bad Ollie was awake usually from 1am till 6am (it varied but this was his regular time!) Myself and my husband suffered terribly, Oliver was often late for school and was too tired to function normally, our eldest son suffered as we were so tired all the time.

We had tried so many techniques, been on courses, had professionals involved and Ollie was on melatonin, nothing was helping long term. I saw fidget bum pop up as an advertisement on my phone and figured that it was worth a try.

If anything Ollie was such a wriggler in his sleep it would keep him warm! since day one of using fidgetbum Ollie has slept through .. it is life-changing and has made a difference to our family in such a huge way.

Best of all in the daytime if Ollie needs to self regulate he will go and climb under his fidgetbum sheet to help him calm down. I cant recommend this product enough and am so grateful to have found it. xx

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